What if I intend to make only one song available? Profile Payment Information Designated Users. Retransmission A transmission of a performance is one that is sent by any device or process for example, radio, TV, cable, satellite, telephone and received in a different place. All the fees we collect are distributed as royalties, after deducting operating expenses currently News and Events Archive Calendar Awards. However, the license is designed to cover use of ASCAP music in a specific radio or television program, requiring that the user keep track of all music used.

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Licensees pay an annual fee for the license. Recording rights for most music publishers can be obtained from:. How do I obtain a license for a Jukebox? ASCAP licenses public performances of its musical works repertory made by dozens of different types of businesses including radio stations, television stations and networks, concert promoters, restaurants and dance clubs, hotels, retail stores and background music services.

Please consult Schedule A of your license agreement to determine your reporting requirements. Kicansed Recording A sound recording refers to the copyright in a recording as distinguished from the copyright in neeldes song. License fees for the initial term first 12 months of an ASCAP license agreement are due upon completion and submission of the license application.

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News and Events Archive Calendar Awards. Recording rights for most publishers are represented by the Harry Fox Agency: Where does the money go?

Each station should choose the license most advantageous for its needs. Rental or purchase of sheet music or the purchase of a record does not authorize its public performance.


License fee payments for subsequent annual terms are due upon the each annual anniversary of the agreement and can be remitted through your My ASCAP License account, accessible at www.

Fecords that are licensed by the JLO, must display a certificate in the title strip holder of each jukebox.

Learn the difference between performance rights, mechanical rights, dramatic rights, and more.

If you wish to explore obtaining a single license that covers multiple sites or services, please contact ASCAP at weblicense ascap. Permission is required when music is used as part of training seminars, conventions, or other commercial or business presentations. The jukebox, or «coin-operated phonorecord player,» qualifies for the Jukebox License Agreement if it is a machine or device that: The Jukebox License Agreement is a single, economical, annual license that provides the authorization required to publicly perform loooout songs on a jukebox.

Do I need to submit a Music Use Report?

What are the exemptions for the reception of radio and television performances in eating and drinking establishments and retail establishments? How do I know what reports I have due? Some people mistakenly assume that musicians and entertainers must obtain licenses to perform copyrighted music or that businesses where music is performed can shift their responsibility to musicians or entertainers.

Can I take deductions in calculating my Revenue? I operate a low-power FM radio station and would like to stream the station online as well. If the rightsholders are of the view that the performances are dramatic, they will decide whether or not to license the performances liansed or at all.


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The sound recording copyright is owned by the owner of the master recording, typically a record label. How do I complete the license application?

Access to every variety of music you need to attract and entertain your viewers. Why should I pay for playing music in public?

ASCAP Licensing

Can I retroactively license my site or service and backdate my license to cover the earlier periods? Coverage for music in commercials and jingles that are part of your programming. ASCAP operates under the principle that similarly situated users should be treated similarly.

Quite simply, to our members. Generally, those who publicly perform music obtain permission from the owner of the music or his representative.

Email Contact us through email by submitting a contact form here. The ASCAP radio license does not provide the right to authorize retransmissions of broadcasts of ASCAP music over loudspeakers in stores, restaurants or other locations open to the public or by means of music-on-hold systems.

What income qualifies as Music Revenue, and how does that differ from Service Revenue?